Our expertise allows us to provide a wide range of strategic real-estate and construction-related management consulting advice. We track market updates and accordingly advise on the development and implementation of strategies, policies and procedures, helping our Clients to achieve the value for money in providing capital projects and property management services. Professional team at Mudon Consult performs feasibility studies to assess the viability of a project. Feasibility studies are used to determine the likelihood of a project’s implementation considering the market conditions which will influence owners’ or investors’ appetite to construct and acquire a property. Our team of Consultants and Engineers work closely with the property Owners’, Investors and End Users in order to identify our Clients’ needs and expectations.

Mudon Consult focuses on creating distinctive and alluring buildings that unite contemporary functionality with superior aesthetic form along with environmental responsibility


Mudon Consult founder is collaborating with LDRS Chehab & Partners based in Lebanon in series of international projects. Dubai market is always a demand to our business but just waiting for the right opportunity after the international crises. Mudon Consult established as a new brand of a local Engineering consultancy firm in Dubai by the two founders Mr. Abdul Wahed Chehab and Mr. Ayman Alhammadi.

LDRS Chehab & Partners is a multidisciplinary firm addressing the fields of architecture, urban planning and engineering. The firm undertakes a wide range of projects from urban masterplanning, public infrastructure, civic and cultural buildings, hospitals, offices and workspaces to private residences. Based in Beirut, with over 100 employees in offices located regionally, the practice has an international reputation. The firm has acquired vast expertise in the field, and has been nominated for various awards including the prestigious Agakhan Award.


To deliver outsanding innovative solutions that align with our Clients’ expectations and requirements by maintaining the highest level of professionalism and quality of products to our Cliens.


We aim to become one of the most accomplished Engineering firms in the region.

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